Honeybush tea : a Health Drink

During 17th century, some forest inhabitants found a plant which is having variety of health benefits and can act as medicine and natural herb. From that day onwards, people have started consuming that plant’s flavour as part of their daily life. These flavours are widely called as honeybush tea and have some pleasant smell, taste and produced in many flavours.

Cyclopia Species

These plants are generally called as Cyclopia species and widely seen across South Africa. And hence South Africa remains the largest producer of Organic Honeybush teas till date. Due to increase in the consumption of honeybush teas, there are lot of interest with people to grow the plants. Japan, Switzerland and Germany are the large importer countries to buy honeybush tea, since they give importance to health drinks and sought after them.

Flavours of Honeybush

To know more about how they manufacture different flavours, we need to get the info about its processing. Growing of honeybush plants involves Harvesting, Cutting when they ripe enough to, Oxidation and then drying them. During fermentation (Oxidation), the chopped plant is processed, sweetened such that it can develop an unique flavour, colour and taste. When 2 or more species are blended together, more consistent and tasteful flavours can be produced.

For Green tea, the honeybush plant is skipped of the fermentation process and hence they achieve light green and don’t have any sweet taste. It is too good for health conscious people, since highly antioxidant. There are many flavours in honeybush such as Vanilla honeybush, chocolate honeybush, green honeybush etc and many of these can be bought from markets of many developed countries.

Health benefits of honeybush

Pinitol present in the honeybush plants help the consumers as anti diabetic and expectorant. With regular and long time use, there is wide range of benefits that lies with the Honeybush tea consumption. It is researched and proven that it avoids breast and Uterus cancer, regulate menstruate cycles, lower cholesterol level in the body, reduce the fat etc. The honeybush tea acts as anti oxidant, anti spasmodic, anti fungus, antivirus etc. The consumption will reduce stress, depression, body odours and many others. Other honeybush benefits include yeast and microbial control for certain time period. With regular intake, we can control the bacteria and limit the growth of yeast. With green and black tea, the liver can be protected from many diseases.

Regular intake

So, with all these great health benefits and as opposed to other hazardous chemical teas, we can make the habit of consuming Honeybush teas every day. In my opinion, it is the most beneficial and yet underrated tea in the market. It is not only produced from leaves but also from stems and flowers of the shrub. So, this can be very delicious when prepared and at the same time extremely healthy. With less tannins and no caffeine, it equals the benefit of Rooibos tea and comes in different flavour including iced tea.

If you can’t take the raw green tea, you can pick some mint or any other flavour of your choice. But what important is the daily and regular consumption as it is a natural treatment for insomnia .

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