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Assam Long Leaf Tea Is Popular Worldwide Due To Its Unique Taste And Aroma

Assam long leaf tea is the black tea that gets its name from the region where it is cultivated; this black tea is manufactured from the tea bush Camellia sinensis var. assamica in Assam. Assam tea that is cultivated at or near the sea level is well known for its briskness, body, malty flavor and [...] Read more

High Blood Pressure Diet – Stay healthy long life

High Blood Pressure Diet – Stay healthy long life Each organ of the body has a particular function assigned to it and to maintain the proper supply of blood throughout the body heart works day and night. The heart pumps the blood into the blood vessels/arteries with maximum force so that each organ of the [...] Read more
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Weight loss program that can last long

Most people dream of losing weight but seldom achieve it because of their tendency to drop out of any weight loss program or the demerits of the weight loss exercises that they are doing. It is often thought that the main reason why some people are overweight is that they eat too much. Most often [...] Read more

Wu Long Tea For Weight Loss

Tea drinkers in Asia have long been aware of the weight loss benefits of wu long tea. If you are on the lookout for a safe, totally natural way of shedding those extra pounds, wu long tea may be your answer. However, in order to experience its slimming effects you need to include it as [...] Read more
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Lose Fat – 3 Tips For Healthy Eating For Permanent Long Term Natural And Effective Weight Loss While Building Muscle

If you wanna lose weight, we all know that eating a healthy diet ought to be a first priority. Yes, exercising is important, but diet is really important when it comes to long term management of your weight. I hope by reading this article, you get some simple, but effective ways for you to make [...] Read more
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Drink Oo Long Tea To Lose Weight

Wu Long tea or commonly called Oolong cha or Oolong tea is a literal translation from the Chinese language meaning ‘Dark Dragon Tea’ is a traditional Chinese tea somewhere in between green and black in oxidation. There are numerous legends describing the origin of Wu-Long tea. One story had it that a tea plantation boss [...] Read more

Wu Long Tea Has Many Health Benefits

This include the ability to facilitate weight loss, reverse signs of aging, and promote overall wellness. While all teas possess similar properties including caffeine, catechin, polyphenals, and teaflavin tearubigin that provide benefits to the human body, the quantities and percentages differ depending on the extent of oxidation during Read more

Wu Long Tea – Will Drinking This Tea Help You Achieve Weight Loss

While you might have commonly heard of pills, supplements, fad diets, exercises, etc as methods to help in achieving weight loss how many of you have heard of the new sensation of drinking tea to achieve reduction in weight. Shocked, are you? This is the claim of Wu long tea, a type of tea that [...] Read more

Wu Long Tea – Powerful Characteristics For a Tea

Wu Long tea, which is also called “black dragon tea”, is within a group of teas that have a virtual mythical quality surrounding them. From the birth of their very existence which projects back to an ancient time in which tea was considered by most to be both king and queen of the land and [...] Read more

Facts About Wu Long Tea

You may have never heard of Wu Long tea, at least by that name. Here are some basic facts about this extraordinary tea that you may find fascinating. Chances are that you know this tea called Wu Long by another name. More commonly in the west and in some parts of Europe, it is referred [...] Read more
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